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Addiction Facts

Here are links to some interesting articles regarding addiction facts.

FAQs about Methadone

The Science Behind Addiction

Crime does not increase around Methadone Clinics

​Bill W's view on MAT:

Methadone use in Pregnancy:

The Joy of Being Normal (Video from recovering opioid addicts):

Increase in Methadone deaths are a result of Methadone prescriptions for pain rather than addiction:

Understanding Opioid Addiction and the Function of Methadone Treatment

Lower Health Care Costs resultant from Methadone Treatment

Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Addiction: Methadone

Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT): A Review of Historical and Clinical Issues

The Relevance of Twelve-Step Recovery in 21st Century Addiction Medicine

The Effect of Methadone Dose Regimen on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
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  • Returning Vets
  • Criminal Justice, VA & Probation Services
  • Hearing Impaired Patients
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