Author and Motivational Speaker Marwin Strong Shares a Message with CMS

In an ongoing effort to highlight Black experiences and accomplishments, CMS was thrilled to host author and motivational speaker, Marwin Strong, during our weekly company-wide Town Hall on September 25, 2020. Mr. Strong is the author of the book “Back from the Shadow of Death,” a captivating autobiographical book detailing his life and transformation and encouraging a story of hope for an America ravaged by overdoses from the opioid epidemic.

In addition to being an author and speaker, Mr. Strong was recently awarded the title of Honorary Deputy for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department in Muncie, Indiana. He was named the Star Press Person of the Year in 2007, one of the highest service awards in the county.

Born in Muncie, Mr. Strong grew up in an inter-city neighborhood rife with poverty, drugs, violence, and discrimination. After a near-fatal attack by an unknown assailant, he made a dramatic comeback from his former life, starting his own in-the-trenches effort to combat violence and substance use. His experiences in the streets, coupled with his unique speaking style, make him a powerful speaker who easily communicates with those in the community still in the drug game and dealing with the consequences of substance use disorders.

Mr. Strong spoke about the difficulties he faced growing up in such an adversarial environment and the challenges he was forced to overcome following the attack on his life. He shared a message of hope, resilience, and overcoming obstacles to achieve dreams.