Our Patients Say it Best

Here at Community Medical Services, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome opioid addiction. Our clinics provide a judgment-free environment that fosters dignity and respect.

Read real accounts of healing and renewal from those who have journeyed with us.

I can tell you this clinic is different than any other clinic in so many different ways… Between the great counselors I’ve had here they got behind me and gave me the confidence to tackle my problems. I went to court, cleaned up all my warrants. They thought I would be a good person to help others on their journey. I went to school for this and just got got a job. Driving again. Just bought a brand new car. Everything is going great right now.

Eric, Wisconsin

When we found each other we’d already had long term relationships that were bad, through 10 years of using hard drugs, lost our parents. We found ourselves in an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere, worked it out there and decided to come back to Anchorage to get better.
We got an apartment last June and that’s been able to turn our mindset around from using to being a successful part of society.

Aaron & Ellie, Alaska

Methadone has calmed me and allowed me to function. It’s the methadone and the support system I receive at CMS – I know I can call at anytime. I come in every two weeks now and know I can come in anytime if I need to talk.

Tess, Arizona

CMS saved my life. I started taking meds. 2 years and 4 days with no relapses. Two semesters away from getting my associates degree. Just got a job over at a behavioral health service. I really believe in this program.
Like I said, I love CMS. I love what you guys do for people. You guys should be proud of having a place that helps people. Theodore has opened so many doors for me that I never would have known about. He helped me enroll in college. I’m grateful to be here today, grateful to be in recovery.

Mark, Arizona

When I started my recovery with methadone, I started doing well on probation, I got a job, I go to the gym everyday. The program at CMS has kept me sober, the whole time. It helps with my anxiety, and wanting to relapse. When I come in here every day they are very supportive. If I’m having a bad day, I talk to someone and they remind me of how bad I was when I first came here. The nurses are great, and all the counselors – not just my personal counselor. When I think about where I was, it makes me keep going. There’s no way I want to go back to where I was before!

Kathy, Texas

Best thing I ever did. It was real hard at first, I didn’t stop using right off the bat. I relapsed multiple times and it took me time to get to a spot I was good enough where the methadone helped me not have the cravings. It helped me think clearer. I was able to move on and live life.
I was able to get a job, find a nice man who married me, and now I have a beautiful family and a life that I wouldn’t change for anything. I don’t think I would have had this kind of life if it wasn’t for the counselors and the clinic.
I wish everybody could get into a program and have this support and reliability. It’s a life changer for me.

Martha, Arizona

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