Recently Lost Payer Coverage? We Can Help!

Since the beginning of COVID-19, states were able to pause redeterminations of Medicaid eligibility to ensure people did not lose crucial coverage during such an uncertain time. Congress has since passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 (CAA) and each state has begun resuming routine eligibility determinations – meaning you or someone you know may be impacted and lose this meaningful coverage.

What does this mean if you use your state’s Medicaid program? This is simply a “return to normal” operations for your state. Participants will not be automatically re-enrolled in Medicaid programs and are required to keep their contact information and other important personal details up-to-date with the state as the state requests it.

Have you been impacted by this and disenrolled from a state program or other insurance? We are here to help! Please contact the team at your local clinic, or our central support via email or phone at 888-904-1550,

We’ve gotten questions from many of our clients, and therefore compiled some informational links for the states in which we operate. If you are unclear on where your state stands in this process, please click the link for your state below for more information:

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