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Community Medical Services
Community Medical Services began providing Opioid Treatment Program Services in Phoenix, Arizona in 1983. The agency then expanded its footprint into Northern and Southern Arizona opening clinics in Tucson, Bullhead City, Prescott and Flagstaff. In 2009, CMS began working with the state of Montana to open the first OTP in the state and has continued expanding access to treatment throughout Montana.

In 2016, Community Medical Services was also the first OTP to open in the state of North Dakota and simultaneously expanded its footprint into Alaska. CMS is intent on meeting the challenges presented by the growing opioid epidemic in cities where treatment is lacking. We believe that access to treatment should not be hindered by lack of education, lack of compassion, or by local hostilities. We have therefore made it our mission to work with communities on providing educational assistance on the importance of effectively treating the opioid epidemic and finding meaningful solutions to the consequences that are resultant from substance use disorder.


To help those who are suffering from substance use disorders. We consider these people our patients, and our singular aim is to help them heal. We’re proud that our clinics provide our patients an environment that is free of judgment and condescension and we’re steadfast in treating everyone with the utmost dignity and respect.


Leading the change to eliminate the consequences of substance use disorder in our communities.


We see challenges as opportunities to demonstrate initiative.

We really do see challenges as opportunities. We find inspiration in our patients’ tenacity. It takes tremendous strength and determination for our patients to decide to reclaim their lives. The hurdles are considerable but we understand that these are strong and committed people. They have to be to turn their lives around. These are the people we admire and emulate; which is why we expect our team and system partners to demonstrate the same kind of drive and initiative...finding new and better processes, identifying growth opportunities and partnerships, affecting positive changes on an ongoing basis. By doing so, we will make our company the best at what we do. It will give our patients the best available tools to improve their lives.

We listen to and honor the reality of those we serve.

You can’t provide solutions until you understand the problems; which is why we value employees and system partners who listen carefully to our patients before offering solutions. At CMS, we understand that every recovery is an individual, one-of-a-kind reality for the patient; and success in each particular case is achieved by having all stakeholders working together, sharing insights and listening carefully to one another.

We are evangelists for practices grounded in science and evidence.

We value employees, patients and system partners who make decisions based on the most current research and scientific data...and not solely on anecdotal evidence or personal experience. There is a misconception that the treatment leading to one person’s sobriety is the only kind of treatment that will work for another person. Treatment effectiveness should be defined by outcomes and by science, not by personal philosophies.

We value people who are passionate about making an impact.

At CMS, our goal is nothing less than to make an impact on our world by rebuilding the communities in which we serve. We change them by changing one patient's life at a time; and we want all our employees and system partners to have the same drive. Every day.

We also acknowledge that our patients couldn’t make positive changes in their lives if they were just going through the motions. Our patients’ drive to change their world is what motivates us to do what we do every day.

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Our services cater to many different needs:
  • Pregnancy
  • Returning Vets
  • Criminal Justice, VA & Probation Services
  • Hearing Impaired Patients
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