At CMS we believe that all people, regardless of incarceration status, deserve fair and equitable healthcare. Incarcerated individuals are at a greater risk for struggling with substance use; approximately 68% of people incarcerated meet the medical criteria for drug dependence. Moreover, studies indicate that 80 – 90% of individuals relapse within 30 days of release. To address this disparity, CMS collaborates with correctional health facilities to ensure all individuals have access to quality substance use treatment.

In 2010, CMS began supporting pregnant inmates with medication-assisted treatment in Maricopa County Jail and Arizona’s Perryville State Prison. Since then, Community Medical Services has expanded to treat all incarcerated populations and collaborates with federal and state prisons and/or jails in Alaska, Arizona, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. We continue to develop correctional health programs across the country; each program is tailored to the unique needs of the specific city, county, and state. Programs can include the following:

  • Screening for OUD
  • In-reach peer support services and education
  • Pregnancy support services and education
  • Coordinate care to other community providers
  • Medication delivery and counseling services
  • Telehealth services

If you are interested in discussing a potential collaboration with your agency or organization, contact:

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