2023 CMS Community Impact Report

Patient-Centered Care

Navigated 9,500 new patients into service, providing care to more than 39,000 total patients across 13 states.

Provided expanded services for HCV and psychiatric care to more than 250 clients. Care that CMS has provided in diagnosing and treating Hep-C has led to 100 of our patients being cured of the disease.

Harm Reduction Matters

Distributed more than 6,600 naloxone kits to CMS patients and members of our communities.

Launched our first ever harm reduction vending machine in Columbus, OH, which has provided life saving items to more than 220 people.

Provided 6,414 medication deliveries and facilitated 125 counseling group sessions in state correctional facilities.

Community Engagement

Participated in or organized 34 community cleanups around our clinics.

Led at least 181 community trainings on the use of naloxone.

Granted $5.5M in project funding in support of initiatives that expand our Mission.

Our team acted as SMEs in 73 media stories about OUD and beyond.

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Social Determinants of Health

Our care is rooted in science and evidence, and our teams regularly monitor Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). After one year in treatment, unemployment drops from 60% to less than 30%, and two-thirds of those with unstable housing find a safe place to live.

Analysis from SDOH assessments conducted by medical providers at every visit, for every patient being treated with methadone in May 2022 through June 2023. Excludes patients who transfer to CMS already on methadone from another program.

Patient Connections

Received 182 5 star reviews for our clinics.

Launched the first mobile app of its kind, Recovery Connect, connecting 4,198 clients with their CMS counselors on the go, providing care in the moments that matter.

Expanding Access

Opened 6 new clinics and partnered with Brightside Clinics, expanding our patient-centered care model to 3 new states.

Our clinics achieved a total of 20 three-year CARF accreditations.

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